Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HELP! At my wits end.

(Here I am looking oh so pathetic typing away. Man I am really white!)

Okay. For the last seven days I have felt like someone is strangling me. Literally. It is awful. A few days later I started feeling like someone was standing on my chest. Ouch. Which makes me slump over (standing up straight hurts and I breath shallowly too). I can't really eat or drink because that makes the whole condition worse. The pain lasts all day no matter if I eat or don't.

...Feeling bad for me yet? So, Friday at 5:30 I realized, "holy cow!" I feel awful and thought I should go see my doctor. Which of course I realized this once the office was closed. Just going to tough it out. Well I could hardly stand it so Saturday I called, she told me to go to the ER. I did; they ran every imaginable test with no clear diagnosis. So they released me to go see a ENT and GI specialist. But not before the head ER doc insults Chad and I. How you ask?

He comes into the room and says. "We're releasing you to go home for the next two days but want you to know that we think there is something really wrong here and that you must get into those specialists Monday first thing." (here's the insulting part)... "I learned long ago from my mentor that when people give you crazy symptoms that you should believe them because their not smart enough to make them up."

He left the room with that and Chad and I both looked at each other and did a totally UN-politically correct move in making retard pumps to our chests at the exact same time, we truly are one in mind (and super-mature). Upon doing the move that brought us back to our childhoods, I got dressed and we left.

So, Monday I got into the ENT specialist and he said I had a nasty infection behind my vocal chords, (when he asked me if it felt like someone was pushing on the back of my esophagus super hard, I started to cry because it just hurts so bad). He gave me a script for some steroids and said I should feel better in a few days. It's been two days and I feel worse! AGGHHH! Has anyone felt anything like this before and if so what in the heck is wrong with me! HELP!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and the joys of chocolate chip cookies

Here are the boys waiting for the cookies to finish. They sat here for the entire 12 minutes it took for them to cook. Then we stuck the hot cookies in the freezer to speed up the waiting process. They love to help make cookies and if I do say so myself, I have the best chocolate chip cookie recipe...On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt around the house (rainy outside). We hid 34 eggs with candy, coins, dollar bills and the grand prize of the $5 dollar egg. The boys were so excited they could hardly contain themselves all afternoon. Let the race begin!
Luke was mostly excited for an egg filled with five little chocolate eggs, he told me exactly where to hid it for him...and I followed the boy's instructions to a T.
Searching, searching, where o where is that big orange grand prize egg?
Lily found one egg, with help from Daddy. Which she promptly set down and the dog ate the whole thing, plastic and all.
Notice the big pink egg with all the candy next to it! That's one happy boy.

And of course Owen found the $5 dollar egg, he was worried that Luke might feel bad so he gave Luke all of the quarters that he found. And Luke still thinks that he has more money because he's got more coins. Ahh, I love the innocence of youth.