Monday, September 29, 2014

A gem of a moment

Right?! I mean coloring and coloring in the nude is just tops. Working on him coloring on paper and leaving the walls along. Half the time he finds a writing implement he can manage the impulse; the other half it's like: color color color color color color color, all I do is color color color and I am an artist and this house is my canvas!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

100 year rain in Phoenix!

So over the past month we've had two separate days of '100 year' rainfall--shattering all records of time and eternity for the Phoenix valley.  We had five different roof leaks which was fantastic. Then a few friends and I took our boards and kiddos to the park where they paddle boarded and had an awesome time.

Jack went all around with the kids and was a pro by the time we left. I brought our skim board and the boys worked on their technique; they still suck.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

This is not a test.

But if it were, rest assured that she would cheat. She was so proud, thinking that she had solved the problem of the ages: homework.  Thursday she bopped in fresh from the 106 degree heat with a permanent grin. 

"Mom!!! I have finished ALL of my homework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also made a new best friend. She's very good at math."

I love that she has no idea how to cover-up. She was shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, that I guessed that her new best friend (a fifth grader) had done her homework for her.

She was crushed that she had to erase all of her "new best friend's" hard word and redo it all herself. Tough luck. Got ya!