Friday, August 29, 2008

Words you won't hear from me

I'm just playing Devil's advocate.

You mean your intentionally being contrary and positively a total pain in the ***. When I hear these words come from people it drives me insane. You mean your being difficult and are keenly aware of it too? From time to time I've heard people use this expression. It has almost always been true that the person is also someone I don't like. I mean really, for heaven's sake. Either own that you disagree with my point of view and argue your case. But arguing for the sake of arguing, who has time for that.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nie Nie Day

Hi there everyone. Usually I'm the witty comic relief blog but today I wanted to share something that has been on my mind. Through Design Mom's blog I found another blog, I just love this world of blogging. I spent hours going through Nie's posts, enjoying her sense of humor and love of life. While I don't know Nie personally, I feel in love with who she is from her blog. Go there and you will too. Nie has inspired me greatly to be better. She is an amazing mother and has a great wit. If I lived by Nie I would want to be her friend.

Nie and her husband were involved in a terrible plane crash and are in the hospital fighting through recovery. They have four beautiful children being taken care of by Nie's lovely sister. I write this here on my blog today on Nie's day in hopes that you will include their family in your prayers. I believe miracles can come through prayers.
P.S. Another way you can help is by going to and go shopping. You know you'll be shopping online one way or another today so shop there and help Nie Nie.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Where have I been???

Summer is almost over, the kids have started back to school and the temp is dropping! Holla freakin lu ya is all I've got to say. The boys started school on Monday and they are both loving it, (so are Lily and I). Owen has his BFF Bryson in his class, heaven help his teacher. They are both riding the bus and loving feeling like such big boys. Haven't really got a lot to post about, feeling very unmotivated. But wanted to leave you with a picture of Miss Priss.

In this picture Lily is feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed that her mother has her outside, on uncomfortable sticky grass in 100 degree weather asking her smile, but not teethy smile. Smile like I just said something funny, not laugh out loud funny but something that two people who know each other well would laugh at but that most other people wouldn't understand. Oh and don't look at the camera while your thinking of that inside joke we want this to look natural, like you (an eleven month old baby) was just outside by yourself when I (a photo obsessed mother) happened upon this secret moment you were having with yourself. Come on LILY, get with it. You know this I'm a baby junk won't fly for too much longer. I mean by the time I was your age I was making dinners and doing long division. Amature .
Lucy is ever the hopeful puppy. Lucy has taken a real liking to Lily. Lily is always good for some food whether it's off of the floor or from her sticky fingers. It's always finger licking good.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love this picture

I was looking through some pictures tonight and came across this one. I love this picture. It is Owen in his usual state; sweet happiness. It makes me sad too though because everyone is growing up too fast. Lily doesn't like to cuddle anymore all she wants to do is move move move. Luke wants to be big like Owen. And Owen told me today that he was scared to talk to one of his favorite friends because she was so beautiful. I don't like how it is so chaotic and crazy but that it also goes by so fast.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is all about Lily

Look I'm standing. She is a messy eater and this was after dinner, thus the embarrassing attire.
Can you see her fat lip? Lily was crawling on Luke and pulling at a book he was reading. He was not having it and decided to push/throw her off him. That little trick landed him in his room for a few hours with a sore bottom.
Doesn't she look like she is about 6 months along.
This was Owen's then Luke's and now Lily is enjoying her rocking dog. She starts to pant and make cute noises when you put her on it. Then she laughs and laughs while riding the dog.