Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I gotta learn about being a mom!

This line is getting a lot of play these days. . . 

 with best friends

look at how she holds her tiny chipped polish little fingers

If Lily wants to get in on what you're doing; whatever it may be. . .yoga, cutting up lettuce, washing dishes, loading a dishwasher, sweeping, caring for Jackie, applying makeup--especially if it's lipstick, wearing high heel shoes. . .what have you. Lily wants to be doing it too and she uses her powers of 'how could I argue with that logic' to get her way. That and she's just about the most freaking adorable thing on this planet.

Lily: "mom! I gotta learn how to be a mom!"

I hear it probably ten times per day at least; it's futile to resist her impeccable logic. Yesterday she also told me that for her birthday (six months from now) that she wants some heel heel shoes. After a few back and forths I understood that she wants high heel shoes: send help!