Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer wardrobe

This is the more dressed up version. Usually Luke is just in his swimsuit bottoms. This is though, an accurate portrayal of Lily's wardrobe. Luke even sleeps most nights in his swimsuit. Owen's choice of clothing are his comfy sweat pants and tee-shirt. I didn't take a photo of my summer wardrobe, it is so fancy and beautiful that it would just make you feel bad about yourself. Just, trust me.

Jumping cactus. Oh, Arizona.

Here in the lovely Arizona we have a blessed plant called Jumping Cactus. If ever there was a species of plants to eradicate. Luke, somehow, bless him, manages to find it no matter how little there is available. I have pulled this stupid plant out of his; arm, both legs, every single toe and feet. The funny thing is in addition to having to pull it out and thereby sticking myself in the process, HE FIGHTS ME EVERY TIME! I talk to him beforehand and try to reason with him that leaving it in just is not an option.

Never works. So, I get stuck every single time. BTW, Jumping Cactus for those of you lucky enough to not know is like a thistle but with sharp pointy needles about an inch long on all sides. So there is no easy way to get it out. Fun stuff.

But we do love us some Arizona weather, not the 110 plus stuff but 100 degrees is just about perfection.

Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Do we have a male super-model in our home? I seriously cracked up when I uploaded my pictures to discover Mr. Blue Steel. Do I need to clarify and say which one? No. . . If you cannot tell then you don't deserve this laugh. This was at our swim meet last week. Owen's good buddy John Michael (remember the one Luke beat up a couple of years ago? Again, never mess with Luke Mead.) came out for a visit. He is such a good boy and they all played so well together.

I'm not quite sure what is happening here, but it seems Luke is trying to do an Abercrombie pose. The kind where the men (boys) rest their hands on their underwear and casually show a more provocative pose. Luke's version, well, if this is his desired profession, he'll have more time to perfect it.

On a side note something that is funny and I get asked about a lot as far as the boys' bodies go is if they work out. I get asked it all the time and I just laugh. Their surgery scar is in just the right spot for a six pack line. And Luke, he has Chad's body, big, broad shoulders. But no, both their toned little bodies are products of constant movement. I am one of those cruel/horrible mothers that doesn't allow them to play video games to their hearts content.

It is so sad for them, for every hour that they want to play DS/Wii/TV they have to read for one hour. It's even worse during the school year, none of them during the week. Occasionally I'll pity them and let em watch a thirty minute show here or there. But I'm of the school of thought that children should play outside more than they do anything else. Makes for A LOT more noise and mess but it also feels so good to see them running around together, happy.