Monday, October 29, 2007


Have you seen this man? He is 6'5" tall with brown hair and eyes. He will respond to the following titles; Chad, dad, daddy, helper monkey, honey, can you help me with this.

Handsome reward for his safe return, (he is very much missed). Also; don't think of keeping him for yourself, much training has been put into this man and will go to great lengths to find him.

As you may deduce from the previous paragraphs, Chad is gone. Gone, where you may ask. Well, today is his first day back to work from paternity leave. I feel like someone has died. There are three children looking at me, demanding things and I'm the only one to get it for them!? This aint right.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Papa & Nanners visit

Their first driving experience...except for that time Owen drove my car backwards down the street and I had to run and pull a Duke's of Hazard move to prevent the car from crashing into my neighbors house. But that's another post.

At the Texas State Fair, only the Meads and about a billion other crazy folks!

Owen got his face painted with his hero, Batman.

Yippee! Tall enough to ride the rides!!

I canoe can you

Nana holding baby Lily for the first time. Notice the cutest booties ever that Nan knitted.

We were all glad Nana was here to go on this ride with Owie!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Good times at the farm

Owen and daddy went on a field trip to a farm, Owen held a chicken and chased pigs, milked a cow and many other "farm" activities.

This is just a random picture of Lily

Owen loves to hold Lily

Boys at Krispy Kreme, aka the donut factory.

Friday, October 5, 2007

All about Lily

Well many of you in your comments have asked details about Lily so I will happily share. Since everyone who reads my blog is a friend you all know that our older boys didn't come home till they were a couple of months old, so having a newborn home is a totally different experience! Both the boys came home and were sleeping from 7 pm to 7 am, well little Lily doesn't do that.!@#

Lily eats every three hours and is a great little eater. She is also so MELLOW. I cannot say that enough, she seriously only cries a minute before it's time to eat and as soon as you pick her up she stops and starts to eat my shirt. A few days ago we gave her a bath and she slept through it! She is awake a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening and we just stare at her.

I thought that having a girl would be different as far as pee pee goes when changing a no no. Lily can piddle 6 inches away! One day she will kill me for sharing that info. She has Chad's olive skin tone, which I could die of happiness just for that. But she also got something else of Chad's...HIS FEET! Chad wears size 15 and I'm terrified for poor Lily, you should see the feet on this girl. There almost as long as her shins.

I find myself close to tears daily because I feel so grateful to have Lily home with us. This experience has been very healing. I always knew I would be a mother and I love these children that we have been blessed with. The sadness and sorrow we suffered through with the boys has opened my eyes to appreciate more fully the height of joy that is the miracle of a healthy baby. I am filled with gratitude for this amazing little girl.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007