Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Profound, man.

In my online research today (celeb gossip websites) I came across a brilliant quote by Lil Wayne. This man obviously has such a mastery of the English language that it would be a shame to not highlight his words here.

Lil Wayne comments about the birth of his son. "I delivered him. I held the left leg the whole time," Wayne said, "It was nasty, very nasty, but it was wonderful."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Before and After

For those who know me, know I'm a bit fastidious about cleanliness. Well my closet has turned into a pit of shame for me. Other things have taken the forefront; parties, lunch dates, shopping with friends, roller-blading with Lily in her stroller. You know just the essentials. My closet is usually color coated, darkest to lightest and progresses from long to short to no sleeves, etc. Well things have gotten all jumbled up so it was literally driving me crazy. I cannot even imagine how I could cope if I had to share a closet with Chad again. So, we (Lily and I) cleaned it up. Actually I did most of it but she tried on lots of clothes and chewed on anything she could get her little hands on.
For shame.
How embarrassing.


So, pretty.


At one point Lily wandered off and this is how I found her.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

So funny, so true, so scary...

Got this from my beautiful friend Nicole's blog. Miss her so much. Isn't she soooo wise.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Things that drive me CRAZY.

They are as follows;

When beautiful people write and talk about how they feel so ugly. That they are trying to reconcile with what they see in the mirror. WHAT! AGGHHH. Seriously, they have won what I like to call genetic lottery. They've been kissed by the angels and no, not the sort that give you hideous red birth marks in inconvient places like your face. Spoiled brats. That is exactly what they are, they are like little spoiled children who have no idea how good they've got it.
When filthy rich people say money can't buy you happiness. Idiots, all of them. For heaven sakes, give me a crack at it.!@ I betcha I'd be happy, I dare you. Make me rich and I swear I will be happy.

I mean I managed to be happy living in a bug infested slime hole in college. I manage to be happy when I'm trying to crank out a dinner and all of my children are pestering me. I think I could make it work in a mansion with a staff and a yacht. Let's take vacations for example, it's fun to go to San Antonio and visit Sea World. More fun to go sailing in the south of France. Money makes life easier and better.

It's like someone being given the awesome gift of stopping time but they are so stupid that they can't figure out how to press the stop button. "No no no your doing it all wrong, just just give it to me."

Stop blaming the money, your the problem. Even if you were broke you'd still be a miserable sort. Let's start a movement that every time someone tries to say, "Money can't buy you happiness." We correct them and say, "No, you'll never be happy no matter what circumstance your put in." There that's better. Now, seriously I think I should prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Who'll give me my first million?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back from Mr. Michael Buble,

Yes I saw Michael last night, and was even invited back to the "afterparty" with my girlfriends. We had to go out of curiosity and see what something like that would look like. Tour buses parked outside the Sheraton, a three star hotel (thought the rock star thing would for sure be a five star gig). Band members in the bar and about a dozen women hanging around trying to look sexy. Except of course us, who couldn't stop from laughing at the other women. In the end we had to turn them all down (before they could turn us down) and come home to our real lives. Even had a chat with trombone player about Mormon trivia, very surreal. But the rock star thing definitely looks far less alluring close up.
Receiving kisses from the groupie in my life...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Things I'm grateful for today.

That Jerry caught a rat.
And then tortured it to death, slowly...
Grandma Pasternac who sent the boys cute Halloween cards with money inside. Owen had been working to earn money for an alarm clock ( he wanted to be like Spongebob and slam it off in the morning. Which on the first morning using it he did, and then promptly went back to sleep). And Luke of course needed a weapon.
And of course my perfect little Lily. Just love that girl. Oh and Luke says freeze!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My thoughts on nature.

Yesterday I was driving through my neighborhood, and I saw an image very similar to the one above. Two squirrels, one chasing the other around. It got me thinking about how frequently the squirrel in my life chases me around. It's kind of funny when you think of it, across species lines the boy always chasing the girl around trying to catch her and have his way with her.

Why God would do this? Make one gender singularly minded to catch the girl. And the other always trying to squirrel out of it and running away. Does he just like to look down and have a good laugh at our expense? Does he really love his daughters more? Is it that he finds it humorous to frustrate his sons. Is he getting back at them for childbirth, or nursing, or that we gain 5 lbs we have to get a whole new wardrobe but he gains 40 and he is still in the same jeans? Maybe, but I think I'll go along with the scientist on this one. Natural selection. Pure and simple, only the strong survive and only the best of the best get to catch us.

Without this the world would surely spin off it's axis. Imagine a world where men didn't help around the house, childcare assistance, lifting heavy objects, bringing home the bacon, and stopping by the store on the way home to bring home the actual bacon. These are some of the ways that the men in our lives chase us around and impress us, enough so that we slow down and let them catch us.

Or on the contrary, the world population would be like quatriple if there was no chase. No, the chase is a very necessary component of separating the wheat from the chaff.

It starts very young, so that they have time to "perfect" their strategy.

So, ladies if you have a good man in you life; loves you, good father, provider, protector. Let him catch you and...make him glad he chased you. :)