Friday, January 25, 2008

Person and Item of the week

I just got off the phone with Bill and got an inspiration. I'm going to take time every week on my blog and write about people and things that I love. So here is the first one. I've known Bill a little over ten years and have grown to love him very much. He is such an inspiration, he is always willing to talk and wants to know what is going on with us. He is loving and he lets those he loves know of his love for them. I really appreciate this and think it's a wonderful quality. He is also always up for a good time and is funny. My boys both love him and always want to stop by the airport to see him (they think he lives there). He is quite unselfish and always finds a way to get to see us frequently. I have listened to countless stories from Chads youth of things he did and places he went and almost always Bill was there. Bill took the time and was friends with his kids and his kids friends too. Whether it was paintball, basketball, movies, road trips you name it Bill was there. Subtly teaching Chad how to be a good righteous man. So, this weeks props goes to Bill. I've learned a lot from your example and I love you man!

These are my fleece socks that my mother-in-law Nan gave me when they were last here. I've worn them almost everyday(I wash them at night). It's been freaking freezing here lately, 30's and 40's~! I know, crazy...this is completely un-acceptable. I survive the boiling summers so I can wear flip-flops throughout the winter. There is hope though by Monday it's supposed to be in the 70's.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We caught a leaperchaun!!

Chad has always likened getting a picture of a baby smiling is like catching a leaperchaun. Well in Dallas, TX this day we gotcha!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lily's big day

Lily was blessed by her daddy this last weekend at church. During the blessing Chad reports that Lily was quietly looking about and even smiling. We feel so lucky to have this little girl in our family. We love her so much.

Here are some of the people that stood in the blessing circle, my dad, Austin, Chad and Bill.
Here is Lily with her cousing, Blaire.
We had such a fun weekend with everyone here. This is Chad's mom, Victoria holding Blaire and Chad's sister, Patrice holding Lily.

We had to get some muscle flexing shots in...