Friday, March 26, 2010

A camping we will go.

Over spring break we went camping to Caddo Lake which is on the Texas/Louisiana border with our friends the Saddlers and Hubregs. Wasn't as good as it could have been due to the fact that my hubby wasn't along due to his slave driving job. But we made the best of it. The kids had a great time playing, fishing, canoeing, hiking and recreating.

This was the first time I've camped since I was a kid. . .it's a lot of work for parents. I'm sure my parents are smiling upon reading that line but it it so true. So many things to remember to bring, then all the packing, cleaning, driving etc. I had a TERRIBLE nights sleep (thanks to Lily caressing my face every ten minutes and saying "hi mommy, how are you?"

But all in all a fun time was had and I even got to play with my friends. Didn't catch any fish, thank goodness (my last experience still haunts me). And the canoeing was delightful. At one point as we were rowing along (me and four other children), Lily began to sing row row row your boat. It was so cute I could have died. Seriously. Below are some self-explanatory photos of our escapades.

This is something I do not want to forget.

This photo was taken of Luke at about ten months old. He was very smiley then, still is. But there is something about Luker I do not want to forget. Because it is funny and it happens without fail. Ready for what it is?

Luke will put his shirt on backwards every single time. And oftentimes it also inside out. I have personally witnessed him taking shirts off the hangers turn them wrong side out then put them on. Funny now, not terribly funny when your rushing out the door. Something that as we look back we will smile.

There's a party in my tummy, so yummy.

These photos have not been altered, staged or otherwise tampered with.
Miss Lily has something that she doesn't want you to know she has and doesn't want you to take away.
It's my brothers monkey, but for right now it's all mine.

Me, "You can't grow a mustache. You only have two hairs on your chest." Him, "Wanna bet?"

My blogging hiatus has been filled with procrastination, tennis, yoga, missing my husband while he's working too much, lunch dates, camping, bike rides with small children, dancing. Enjoying my young children and any stray children that wander into my home.

Now that my whereabouts have been put to rest on to important topics. For instance Luke's undying love for animals, cat or dog. He almost always has one in hand or wrestling with the other. A few weeks ago he was walking up from the bus (yes. . . dressed in his cowboys boots with one leg tucked into his pants, two suckers, a Michigan t-shirt (go blue), and his Peru hat) he noticed Major was outside. Upon this discovery he picked Major up with one hand and carried him up to the house.
Exactly like you would carry a newspaper tucked under one arm. I know the wool hat is a contradiction to the bright sunny skies and no coat. What can I say, he is his own man with his own thoughts on apparel.
One other thing I did over the last few weeks was save our insurance company a couple thousand dollars by performing a little of my own surgery(still waiting for my thank you note btw). It was time for Luke's beloved button to come out and instead of take him in for an appt. all the way in Fort Worth. I got out a few of my own tools and took it out meself. Luke and I report that the procedure went swimmingly and he's a button free boy now with two "belly buttons".
Now onto that challenge I threw down to that man of mine. This is at three weeks out. I'll let you decide who won that bet, but I think the jury is still out.