Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome to my new place. . .

If you're reading this then my directions got you here, congratulations on being good with directions! I've been meaning to blog more and add my design ideas to my person blog so I thought it time for a move from Texasmeads to a place where all my thoughts, rants and ideas could co-mingle.
Here I will continue to opine about my life, motherhood, the outdoors but I'm also going to share more of my design ideas, projects and hopefully use this blog as a means to get design work! I love projects and am often asked by friends and friends of friends for help with their homes and am trying to make the transition more official by adding my services tab for those interested in working with moi!

Mostly I plan on working in the Phoenix area but who knows--maybe they're be a demand for me in North Dakota? For this I have my E-design services. I'm excited about this new venture doing what I'm truly passionate about.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sometimes we blow it.

Growing up is a hard, messy business; filled with do-overs, amazing triumphs, and regrets over how we wish we would have acted. Friday was such a day for Owen.

Owen, Luke, Lily and Garron (Owens' friend) were all walking home from the bus stop after school on Friday when some older kids who live in our neighborhood started picking on Luke. One of these kids, Justin, reached in and took half of Luke's Valentine's Day candy. Then Shaddy, another older kid, called Luke a gaywod. Justin shoved Luke so that he tripped and fell. Then, Shaddy laughed in Luke's face.

Owen walking behind, witnessing all of this.

Justin pushed Luke again and they both continued ridiculing and taunting Luke. Finally, Garron told them to leave Luke alone and got pushed for his trouble (way to be Garron!). Luke ran home and buried his head in his pillow, sobbing.

Moments later, Owen walked in and saw me with Luke. He tried to pretend that he didn't know what was going on. After I finished comforting Luke, I took Owen aside and told him that this is the most disappointed that I have ever been in him. I teared up a bit and told him that he blew it back there, royally. One of the most important things you can do in your life is to have the courage to stick up for your family, even if you're scared.

Owen was sobbing at this point and pounded his fists against the wall saying, "I'm just so mad at myself! I kept thinking while it was happening, 'if Justin does one more thing, I'll step in,' but I didn't and now I can't take it back. UGH, I'm just SO sorry! I didn't want to get into a fist fight with Justin and I knew that if I said something we would, so I didn't. I know that I should of, but I didn't and now I'm so mad at myself!!" he wailed.

We went and sat down in another room. I told Owen that sometimes we totally blow it when it counts, and today that happened to him. Luke needed his big brother--who is WAY bigger than either of those boys--to stick up for him and show those kids that the Meads stick together. That even if you get the crap kicked outta you--you stand up for your people when they get picked on. (Later, I did just this thing; retrieving the candy and an apology from the offending boys.)

I told Owen that at these moments we show what we're all about. Yes, it's hard sometimes and yes, it's going to be embarrassing or unpopular sometimes, but that's when it matters most. We hugged and the last thing I told him was to use this experience--how badly he felt right then--to make sure that the next time--there will certainly be a next time--to do what's right.

Let's aim to be courageous, not cowardly.