I took a lot of pictures in the mission field. I'm so glad that Tuna took the time to do that book for me. But all of the pictures that I took were developed in Venezuela on crappy Venezuelan photo stock and if you look at the book now, you can see that they are deteriorating with time. People told me to keep the negatives, but I didn't listen. They're long gone. Thankfully I have the book, but the photos (and hence the memories) are fading. I wish I'd kept the negatives because the pictures/memories are irreplaceable.
It seems to me that you have substituted Facebook for the blog and that you're taking pictures with you camera phone, rather than the nice camera.
I think that you should make blog posts about your Facebook posts and use the good camera whenever you can. (I know that logistically that doesn't always work.) I think we have a very limited window to record the good things going on it our kids lives and we want to have high quality memories of it. In the end, the books that you do each year, we be the only things we really look at, and if we do a crummy job on the blog, then we'll have crummy memories of the year in question. I think those books will be a blessing to us in years to come.
If you set aside photos (and take them) I'll write about them.
In addition to email Mr. Mead will often ask if I took any pictures of our day when he gets home from work (and a cell phone picture DOES NOT count). Then give a disappointed face when it is revealed that alas, no pictures were taken. . .
BUT! Even his freaking disappointed face is adorable. Who can resist Chaddy?! Certainly not me, even while writing my complaining about his complaining a love burst flitters across me. Love burst, WTH? Mead official definition: a love burst is an overwhelming emotion that occurs randomly. Often preceded by thinking about spouse's qualities, words and deeds. Is usually followed by an email to aforementioned spouse with Love burst written in subject line. Sometimes followed by circumstances which lead to love burst othertimes only no other infomation is provided. An example:


I just experienced a burst of love for you and was going to call you, but I figured it was late and you were either asleep or talking with the Petersons.  Notwithstanding this, I cannot let the moment pass without writing you to let you know how special and wonderful you are to me.

You make my life better in a hundred different ways.  I feel truly blessed to have you as my wife.  You do so much to enrich both my and the kids' lives.  You work hard and you think and act to help us all be better.  I'm so happy we are together.  I'm content when we're together and I know that these are special times in our life.

I can't wait to be together again.  I love you.


And another. . .

I love you. And the baby. And Rubby. Kiss the baby for me. Both of them.
See what I mean! Who can resist Chaddy? Who would want to? So, dear dear husband, I will try (not the Homer Simpson "I'll try to try") type but the earnest; I'm going to get my nice camera out and try to take more pictures and blog more about our awesome family!

I freaking love you!

P.S. Are you happy I blogged?