Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grandma and VV come!

This made me smile

Chess is pretty much a daily thing around here. Both boys are playing. Chad is still.playing.all.the.time.

They go every Wednesday night to chess club and Lily is still desperate to go with. Chad sets up games and tactics for them to work through. Last Saturday they went to another tournament. Guess who got a trophy this time?!! Mr. Luke. Came in fourth place and he felt about ten feet tall. Chad and I were so happy that his efforts were rewarded. Happy day!

A horse

Lily uses a leather chair as a horse. She stacks up her babies behind her. On different days she adorns herself with varying items. On this particular day she opted for her bunny ears. It's June and she is still talking about Easter. Bring this girl candy and she will.never.forget.

Isn't she great?!

The money hunt, 2012

Wardrobe change

March wrap up

This man and his baby girl.

The wig is coming off.

Sewing projects present opportunities for some creative play time.


 Curtsey of big brother.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scenes from my kitchen sink

Missing me? 


I've been meaning and meaning to get back to blogging, but, life. . .IS SO BUSY!! I have been savoring my children; watching them, loving on them. . .

I am going to catch up though! This blog is important to me, it's my journal, my way of writing down the little adventures and crazy things that I will probably forget.  Oh mind, where are you?

Weeks ago, as I was in the kitchen washing dishes I looked out to see Owen working with Jack helping him sit up on the grass in the backyard. I went over to the table and sat down and watched. Owen held Jack's dimpled little hands and gently pulled him into a sitting position. Owen was grinning and smiling on at Jack like he had just taken a gold medal at the Olympics.

I couldn't hear what Owen was saying but I could see him talking away as he raised and lowered Jack, up and down, over and over again. I didn't sit there for long; but for a few minutes I sat and basked in the love of one brother for another.