Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gamma problem?

You won't like me when I'm angry

Lately I'm wondering if I have gamma poisoning. I even think I might want to keep my heart rate monitor on so that I can talk myself down. I never used to have difficulty controlling my temper, I don't even recall having a temper. I honestly cannot ever recall yelling prior to having children. But,, uhmm...JAMIE ANGRY! It usually hits around 4pm and I'm vulnerable until bedtime. Anything can set it off.

And I have MANY triggers; Owen teasing Luke (which also happens to be his favorite past time), Luke whining/crying (which is his go to state), leaving the door open (summer in Texas, need I say more), when the dog defiles our house, when I'm cooking dinner and Owen and Luke race around the house like maniacs screaming at the top of their lungs while launching objects high into the air for me to either A) dodge or B) run and catch so as to save an innocent lamp or vase or when they make a larger than normal mess ( I cannot stand MESSES! JAMIE ANGRY!). The depressing fact is that all of these scenarios present themselves multiple times an hour. I often find myself telling the boys that if they come in from outside they will go into their rooms for the rest of the day.

The results in a Hulk like outbreak are actually very similar to the real Hulk. I feel larger and stronger than usual (probably due to my standing up straight and muscle flexing). I stomp around and have even slammed my fist on things (this is getting a little embarrassing). And worst of all, remember in the movie where Hulk takes his huge fist and swings his massive arm so as to knock objects into the air as an expression of his immense anger. Well, hum, he he, uh mm, I do that too. During my outburst I can remember thinking to myself STOP IT! STOP IT! Your acting like a fool, the way you act now is how they will act when their teenagers! STOP IT! But I just can't sometimes. Then I feel horrible, just like the Hulk.

Hulk smash! ROOOAAARR!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Long time no post

We met up with family in Las Vegas last week and here is Owen with his cousin Olivia. They were peas in a pod these two.
At Hoover dam after driving for 15 hours. Very happy to be at an "attraction".
At Mandalay Bay shark reef, trying to get the courage up to pet stingray.
Lily just being her usual perfect self at hotel.
Lily and I at Grand Canyon.
Trying to get a decent pic, never happened but this is as close as we got. We had a great time with mine and Chad's family. A funny thing happened on the way out, we had been in the car for like an hour. Owen asked when are we going to be there? To which we answered 14 more hours. Owen excitedly cheered "Hooray" (we don't think his concept of time is quite developed).