Monday, July 27, 2009

The world strongest man and Lily takes care of baby.

Tucking baby in for nigh nigh. It just does my little heart good to have a little girl.
Yes, we have him. The world strongest man. Owen William Mead, even though he himself only weighs 50 lbs. that doesn't stop him from moving heavy objects and being an all around buff dude.
Isn't he the handsomest.

Photo documentation, that Lily is so adorable.

And huge too! I can hardly believe that she isn't even two yet. Looks like the doctor was right about her being 6'2" tall and all.
She is very expressive.
The pigtails are a must. Her cuteness ratio goes through the roof while wearing them.
This is a deep in thought moment she is having here; but somehow she is still able to be perfectly adorable. Hum, good genes I guess.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Architecture and summer.

They just go hand in hand. Today we managed a Lincoln Log feat and built the "challenge" building. We were all dazzled by our competence as you can see. In other news we saw a movie this morning and have decided that Lily is no longer invited anywhere we go...still love you though Rub Rub.
I also just remembered a most funny comment Owen made a few weeks ago. He was talking about what his dad does for a job and what some other dad's he knows do for their jobs. Then he talked about me and what I do. Moments later he announced that when he grows up he wants to be a 'stay at home dad'. To which Chad replied, "it's great work if you can get it!"
These boys just keep me laughing everyday.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Girls weekend, daddy's in charge!

My friend Tara came into town this weekend so we lived it up. I keep waiting to stop being immature but it never happens so we just go with it. We stayed up dancing till 2am, then got up at 8am!! (thank you Tara) and went to a step class.
Went out to breakfast, shopped, dinner,got massaged (which felt so amazing but a bit awkward after I found out she was a lesbian). Then went out again in search of more fun on the dance floor. It's always so much fun and we just hope that nobody captures our moves on tape. Having fun while dancing with your girls generally looks pretty ridiculous!
We did some yoga/shopping at the Galleria, and wore coordinating white pants.
And Chaddy took the kids to the Fort Worth zoo (on a Saturday and 104 degree day)! He was such a trooper, took care of them all weekend and didn't even give me a hard time for my 3 hour recovery Sunday nap, and...he picked up the house! I know, he did have his buddies coming over that night so I'm pretty sure that had something to do with it. But I'm appreciative either way.
Mr. Mead reported to me that if you stop moving in the stroller Lily will get out and run away and that once she is on the ground she can get like 20 feet away from you in seconds. To which I thought; wow, you don't say.
But she is still so incredibly adorable.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My favorite holiday.

This is actually on the 3rd of July but there were friends, fireworks, so we of course had to celebrate! Owen spent the entire party running around with four boys, building ramps for the battery-powered cars to jump off of. I almost died of laughter seeing it for the first time, but they really did catch some air, especially since they were on a slight hill. Something tells me that this is not the first time I will be seeing my boys building ramps to jump and fling things off of.
Luke enjoying the fireworks. I guess it was my childhood, because I just have a passion for this holiday (I did after all have five brothers and we all love fire). I love the celebration of our great country, we are so blessed to be able to be citizens of this country and I am so grateful to all those who've gone before and those whose currently make our freedoms possible. Heroes.
That's Luker there, Owen was too busy playing to come down by the lake and do his roman candle so Mr. Luke took care of big brother and did it for him! I don't have any pics from the 'actual' 4th but rest assured we swam, played, ate, chatted and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Secret ingrediant and some lemonaide

I'll never tell what the secret ingredient is, that is unless you ask. Okay. Here it is. If you want the most freaking delicious chocolate chip cookies you must make them with cold butter, just like a pie crust. Work fast and you will be a goddess to your man and children.
My friend was driving by and couldn't resist blackmailing me with this photo. The kids all thought it only fair that I take a turn wearing a sign too (it was after all 102 degrees outside!).
They made $36 dollars from the sale and split it four ways. Lily even was a 'helper' for a time until father drove by and mother basically threw her into his car and said "take this child!!!"
Jillian, our car spotter. Do you see Luke sitting in the chair, yes; he did most of his work from there. He is more of a manager type, if you know what I mean. :)
They had a great time and are hopefully learning our wonderful capitalist views.