Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Babies,

I love you, we love you. Here is an email I received from your dad:


I love you. And the baby. And Rubby. Kiss the baby for me. Both of them.

Chad B. Mead | Associate Attorney | Fennemore Craig, P.C.

Years ago Chad and I were watching The Osborns on MTV, Ozzy referred to his adult children as the babies. Chad and I both loved it, we vowed that we would always call our children the babies. Except we would sound a teensy bit more coherent.

Dear Owen,
You amaze your dad and I daily. You also irritate the hell out of us with your incessant teasing of Luke, (btw). You are always ready and willing to help out in any way. You see moments where I'm frustrated and you rally the kids to help pick up the house or to go outside and play together. You are a wonderful, kind boy who comes alive around people. You're a lot like me in that regard. We need people! You love to be silly and lighthearted. You are determined, which is awesome.

I see sometimes that you are trying to feel out how I'm feeling and tread lightly. When I see these moments it breaks my heart. It makes me feel like I'm losing my temper too often and it makes you insecure. I love you. I'm trying; the noise sometimes just gets to me, that's all.

Dear Luke,
You crack us up daily. You are insightful and smart. You notice things others would not; you're patient and content. You are your fathers son. The two of you are a lot alike. You have a brilliant imagination and playful heart. You play so sweetly with Lily. She loves you so much. When you leave for school she always asks after you. "When Lukey coming home?"

You're sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily. You are also SUPER clumsy! Sorry, but it's true. You trip over thin air daily. If someone threw a rock a hundred feet in the air and there were a hundred people underneath it, that rock would find it's way to your head. But, once you find your feet people had better watch out because, you, my son, are ripped. Strangers comment on your physic all the time. You look like you could bench press your big brother. Which will help once you stop crying about him teasing you and just let him have it!

Dear Lily,
Twirl. You love to twirl. We stand by and watch in awe. Your father and I adore you, completely. You shout, "I LOVE YOU!!" to complete strangers: all the time. You are vivacious and have a zest for life that can be appreciated even by the most passive observer. Your love for Jackie brings joy to my mothers heart. You are the kind of girl I love; you love to be in the thick of the action, running, jumping, playing your heart out~~~all while dressed so fashionably that I could just die.

You love vegetables and crackers, that's all though. You take your swimsuits packed up in your purse or backpack no matter where you are going. I look at your face everyday and think that you are the most beautiful girl. I don't know how we are going to think that someone will ever deserve you.

Dear Jack,
You are loved. Everyone clamors for you. You grasp your hands together and smile greatly for us. Our joy is complete. You are content and have an easy going disposition. You LOVE the bath. You splash and splash and squeal with delight. You have discovered you tongue and play with it all the time. You blow raspberries all the time, this cracks all the kids up.

You are starting to get nervous around strangers, it's super sad and also incredibly darling. You furrow your brow and make the biggest frown just before you let out a cry. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. You have brought me much joy; I sit and watch you discovering your hands and smile knowing how wonderful it all is.

~Life is full,we are savoring.

Monday, April 16, 2012

All tucked in

Last week I checked in on Lily before I went to bed. This is how I found her.

She has started turning her light back on for a few minutes after we tuck her in. Usually we find a stray book or toy in her bed with her. But this night she had a hard time choosing her bed mate.

She had so many all lined up next to her that she hardly had any room to sleep herself. Doesn't Jesse look excited!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The event

Last Saturday something happened.

Chad and I were sound asleep taking a delightful afternoon nap. Chad was awakened by Duke's excited barks. He stepped out of our room just in time to see Duke picking up a rather large bird from our floor. Still in his sleep haze he shooed the dog outside while he got a dustpan and placed the birds dead carcass in the trash. Then he proceeded to the office to do important internet research. :)

There was quite a mess on the floor but he didn't want me to feel excluded from all the fun. Isn't he generous? I came out and as I was cleaning up the mess I realized that the mess was feathers and bird seeds. Like tons of bird seeds. Why in the world is there this much birdseed on the floor? Did Duke slash through his skin/feathers/stomach that quickly?

Once I finished cleaning up the mess on the floor I turned around to behold our beautiful view. It was then that I realized exactly what had happened. The sizable splat across the window was my first clue. I quickly deduced that the bird had flown in through my open french doors and hit the window so hard that it exploded (evidence of explosion on window glass--yum-O).

Spring time = good times!