Sunday, May 25, 2014

Becoming bold.

This year alone I have (1) killed an eight foot rattle snake, (2) turned off an exploding gas water heater, (3) caught and killed a mouse in my living room, (4) shooed out five birds from my living room, (5) captured a lizard next to my bed and released it into the wild, (5) killed four ten inch lizards, (6) killed far too many scorpions, (7) hiked for eight hours up a river with four children and (8) told off a woman who was rude to my children.

During the situations involving wild animals especially I am usually crying and shouting, "where's your dad?!?!" but, nonetheless, I handle them like a boss. I was daydreaming at church today (during my calling in Primary (I was obviously very naughty in the preexistence)) thinking about some of these situations and how being responsible for other peoples well-being can make you bold--better than you are without that responsibility. That sometimes you face horrible, terrifying situations because you know nobody else can, or will, and it must be done.

Take that flipping snake for instance. Rattlesnakes are territorial and I knew that if I didn't kill it--it may very well have come back tomorrow to bite my Jackie. So shooing it away was not an option--it needed to die and, at the time, I was the only one around to do it. So like a boss--in shorts and flip flops--I took its head off with a shovel.

It's been about twelve years since I became a mother and it's really only in looking back that I see how far I have come. I'm happy with the things I've accomplished; proud of where I am in this moment, which isn't to say I'm where I'd like to be, but I've grown. I'm content with the progression. It's reflections like these where I wax serious and feel the urgency to teach my children: courage, strength, independence, wisdom, compassion, charity, kindness, even. . . thriftiness (my enemy). I know that the best lessons aren't taught but rather seen. So I carry on everyday, more committed to trying to be these things than I was yesterday.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I'm a bad blogger (and possbily mother, wife, friend, daughter). . .

Nah: I'm awesome at that stuff--but a bad blogger for sure.

Things have been good lately, lots of paddle boarding and stripes apparently. Kids are getting out of school in about a week and I'm SO ready to not be waking up and making lunches at the butt crack of dawn (7am). Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a morning person? Ugh--me and Garfield--hate them.

What else? Lily still loves TY and is convinced she will marry him and may or may not have children--this is dependent on if I have yelled at her that day. If yes then no--"being a mommy is too hard" and if no yelling then she will have "maybe two. . .kids are just a lot of work". Luke is doing much better with school and emotionally--we've been doing a program twice daily (kill me now) and have seen good results.

Owie is his usual great self; Chad pointed out to me that on Clash of the Clans people often ask for troops to help when they are invaded and their teammates can decide to ignore their calls for help or send troops (you just got dumber simply by reading that). Well, there is a score keeping page where you can see everybody stats, etc. and Owen had sent like 1,000 x's what the average player sends. Just sums him up--such a great kid, wants to help.

Jackie is babbling away and listening intently on conversations then piping in with a string of undecipherable sounds and noises--we basically love it. He's also running everywhere, jumping (on our new trampoline!---only took 12 years to wear Chad down on that one) and demanding yogurt every thirty-eight minutes.