Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lily's Birthday festivities

I made Chicken Carbonara which is Lily's favorite meal and of course chocolate cake.
Lily wearing her crown that I made for her, I still can't believe that she wore it without tearing it off.
Look at those cheeks.
Ready for birthday wishes.
Hope they all come true.

Two balloons got stuck, then we tried to throw a soccer ball at it, it got stuck, so we tried another, and of course it got stuck. So, those two wishes won't come true.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

700 BILLION!!!...what you can

Hello my fellow bloggie friends. Are you as ticked at the current state of the country's financial future as I am? I am not, I repeat not looking forward to paying my hard-earned (well my husbands hard earned) dollars on these companies bad business decisions. Here is a plan that I heard of today that could potentially work and not cost us billions, let alone kill the value of the dollar.

Simply insure those bonds and mortgages from the failing companies temporarily until the economy rebounds a bit and they can get their financial house in order. Paulson has been talking about this recently and hopefully his plan takes off. Here is what I emailed my state rep...

I'm writing to ask you as my representative to not vote for the current bailout package. Instead please vote for a temporary change of the government insuring those mortgages and bonds, not OWNING them. Please please represent my views as my elected official or I will remember this come re-election.

Thank you for you time in reading my email on this regard.


Jamie Mead

On another important note today is Miss Lily's birthday and I will be posting pictures later.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Say your prayers

I don't have a picture to post with this yet, but I will. So, we've been painting our cabinets in our study and by we I mean me. Anyho, Tuesday morning I sent the kids off to school had Lily down for a nap and went into my study to paint. I was using my Wagner professional paint sprayer with oil based paint. I had completely sealed off the study from the rest of the house and had a small window open. I was wearing a mask, but it wasn't a respirator.

I started feeling kind of fuzzy but didn't think much of it. I wanted to finish the first coat of primer before I stopped. I remember feeling confused and it was like I was retarded. I couldn't figure out how to do very simple things. I was trying to hang up a 24 inch bookshelf again and again. It wasn't working because I had the 48 inch wide bookshelf in my hand. I had the sprayer turned off while I was deliriously trying over and over again.

While this was happening I heard the phone that I had brought into the room with me ring. I answered and had what I've been told was a crazy conversation with my friend Angela (I still don't remember even talking to her). She came right over to check on me because I wasn't making any sense. When she got here she found me passed out in the study and pulled me out through the window. She called 911 and they came and checked me all out. I recovered a couple of hours later (and about 2 gallons of vomit).

It is so scary when I think of what would have happened had I not had the phone in there with me. And then, if the sprayer was still on I wouldn't have heard the phone ring. And of course my dear friend Angela who called. She is a good friend and said that she had planned on calling me but was going to wait till later in the day. But she had this little nag that she should call then.

I'm so thankful that all of these seemingly insignificant events came together to keep me safe. Right before I started the project, I said a little prayer that the sprayer would work easily, the cabinets would turn out nice and that I would be safe. I had no idea how much my prayers would be answered that day.