Sunday, September 30, 2012

Torrey Pines and lacation, we've see a lot of both.

Aside from risking the children's lives we also explored Torrey Pines. Once we made it up to the upper parking area things got really beautiful (but!, now we know that there is nothing to miss between the lower and upper parking areas. Yay!).  We walked along the trails which leads to these beautiful cliffs that overlook the pacific. Beautiful. We enjoyed the beauty and I even managed yet another public breast feeding adventure! Just as one unsuspecting hiker was wandering down to sit next to me on the bench it began. . .

About fifteen feet from me he saw the tale tell sign of baby's feet dangling underneath a baby blanket, (unsuspecting hiker thinks to himself, "self, that's weird to have no body with those feet"), walks a few feet closer to me and sees that half my body is covered by a baby blanket, (unsuspecting hiker thinks to himself, "self, that's weird that woman is wearing a blanket"), walks one more step as he slowly puts together what is really happening underneath that blanket (unsuspecting hiker thinks to himself,  "self, ABORT ABORT ABORT"), hiker awkwardly stops, pretends that halfway to the bench was, in fact, his destination. Takes a moment there to sell us on his change in plans, then hurries back up the path, finally freed from the presence of lactation.

**in unsuspecting hikers defense; I appreciate his desire to give me privacy in what is a somewhat uncomfortable situation.

It's just funny to see innocents reactions to these moments and in my defense; I try to have them only in cases of extreme emergency. I'm not tryin to be showin me boobies to no one. :) Good day.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


By Chad
Fifteen years and counting baby! Look at how happy I am. This is the beginning of our annual family vacation. This year we visit San Diego, where we encountered perilous adventures.
One of our perilous adventures was our trip to Torrey Pines. There, we were immediately faced with the daunting choice of three parking lots. One at the bottom of the trail, one mid-way up and another at the top. Jamie decided to maximize the adventure by parking at the bottom; this way we wouldn't miss any of the trail excitement by driving up part of the way.

This turned out to be very prudent, because there was all sorts of nothing to see between the first parking lot and the second parking lot, and if we had parked at the first lot, this would have deprived Chad of the wonderful, wonderful experience of carrying his 20-pound-baby on top of his back with the 80-pound-backpack. (Plus, we would have missed the spectacular views of the pavement between the two lots.) Life, it's made up on these kinds of wonderful experiences. Don't take any chances, you might miss them.
Chad loves the babies and cares about their continued well being. Because of this he worries deeply about them falling from great heights to their deaths. But we cannot miss a photo opportunity. That's right kids, edge just a little closer to the precipice.
 Okay, as this picture shows, maybe the danger wasn't that great, but in person, it seemed a lot more dangerous. Jamie, of course, needs to encourage the kids to moonwalk back to safety, as Owen demonstrates here.

Chad's busy keeping them alive and I'm busy keeping them entertained.

Three for the price of one.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beware, massive cuteness overload.

I know I'm biased but both Chad and my mom agree. . .she is the most beautiful child in the galaxy. I was going to say universe but I fear overstating. Enjoy some Liliness, see if you can spot her on the playground picture.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Put your hands up in the air.

Like you just don't care.

Have I ever mentioned that Jack is undefeated in our house for staring competitions? Well, he is. Months and months ago, maybe in February Luke challenge him and was woefully defeated. Not one to take a beating easily, Luke immediately re-challenged him and lost 39 seconds later. Also not one to learn from past mistake (love you Luke!) he re-challenged his re-challenge. Another lose.

Owen thought he would quickly put an end to Jacks reign (I mean--we can't have anyone else in the family winning things, after all) and lost faster than Luke. I recorded one such match and laugh every time I watched it. During the match, Luke would shout out (while still holding the stare), "JACK!! How are you doing this!!! You're incredible, no one will ever be able to defeat you! Master of Awesomeness, sir Jack."

. . .since that day the boys often refer to Jack as Master of Awesomeness. Boo-ya.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 He also bathes in the great outdoors and yes sometimes by way of irrigation systems.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A blur.

Lily turned five today. Exactly, when did that happen?! This morning at breakfast Chad wondered aloud, "I thought girls were supposed to be calm and play tea party and sit still on occasion?"

This photo perfectly captures Lily and her Liliness. She is C.R.A.Z.Y!!!!! Never stop moving is her mantra and a loud cheery voice is her constant companion. If we let her she would eat nothing but fruit snacks and crackers. She has one daughter, Kona (her American Girl baby doll that Chad bought for her a few Christmas' ago). She has three swimsuits which each make at least one appearance daily. Almost every princess costume she owns has multiple rips and tears in them because she is SO rough. Her spinning, tumbling, running, racing, scooter riding, handstand, rolling, jumping, sliding, swinging, big wheeling is done while in either a princess dress or one of her skirts/dresses. Oh, and usually with some sort of purse. Yesterday she made a purse out of paper--it even had a strap!

I'm sure you can tell how much we just love this girl. Her zest for life energizes our house and we wouldn't have her any other way. She is beloved by her family.

An after meal ritual.

Three to four times per day Jack manages to find himself here; in our kitchen sink. Eating is, after all quite a messy operation. One that he engages in with such vigor that it often leaves me as an awed spectator. Picture me tossing food onto his tray and practically while the food is still mid-air being snatched up by dimpled hungry hands. Frantically grabbing handful after handful and shoving it deftly into his mouth. So much that he will often use his forearm to hold it all in while chewing takes place.

Once the frenzy has past it is usually quite a scene. Loyal Duke is on the scene with a willing heart, ready to do his part. Jack sits in one side of the sink, splashing and aiding in cup and spoon washing. I leave a small stream of water going for him to play with.

Could he be more darling?!

That is all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Owen and the girl.

From Coronado beach.

Being the only girl inevitable makes you cool (I'm not biased or anything either, being as I was also an only girl). But, seriously, IT tots does. We may miss out on a lifetime of having a built in best friend who knows you and your story better than anyone and also someone who can give you a little heads up about oh I don't know THAT WHOLE pregnancy and childbirth stuff. Being as we miss out on those gems it's only fair that our consolation prize is that we are cooler.

For instance, just a few moments ago Lily walked into the room and I asked her if she had just used the bathroom. To which she replied, "oh yeah I did. Ha! Just kidding I prank you mom!"

And! When she plays dress up she almost always has some sort of weaponry adoring her princess dress. A light saber, sword, hand cuffs, a plastic machete. . .you know, for safety. My kind of girl; she will look beautiful while delicately hacking her victims to a slow and painful death.

We are carefully preparing her for the dating scene. Delicately placing jewels in her arsenal like, "boys have a special private place where you can incapacitate them with one direct hit."

To which she replies, "what's incarp ac it gate?"

Friday, September 7, 2012


At the sight of these pictures I could die a happy woman. That and the memories of Luke eating corn on the cob this summer.

Awe Luke. He keeps growing up on us, in second grade now, Mrs. Zima's classroom. Playing chess and soccer; coming home every day dripping in sweat so that he can blow through his homework and get over to Pierce's house ASAP.

Last week during the decorating for Chad's birthday party (I'll post pictures of that later, some truly brilliant ideas that even Pintrest hasn't thought of) Luke sat on the settee in the kitchen and cried and wailed and cried some more while he was forced to sit there and learn to tie his shoes.

After much (an hour) of hissy fit throwing I told him to take a walk around the house to "cool off" and then come back and sit down and try again. Wouldn't you know that, that walk would be the last time Luke the boy who couldn't tie his own shoes would walk the earth. At the hour and ten minute mark he sat down and tied his own shoes like a boss. No longer asking the girls in his class to tie them for him, (true) he ties them masterfully.

. . .then the snake goes around the bunny ears and chokes them to death and then he goes back into his tiny hole full from his dinner of bunnies.