Sunday, May 23, 2010

This is the first day of the rest of your life.

Work, boy! Owen was so excited to be able to mow the lawn (we'll remind him of this later). I set aside an area on the bottom portion of the lawn so as to not be too difficult. Luke looked longingly on from the porch. It is just so hard to be the little brother sometimes.
Plugged him in to some tunes and off he went. He was so thorough, he didn't miss a single blade of grass. As soon as he finished he was negotiating for a larger area next time.
This picture gets the photo award of the week.

Owen's birthday festivites

The day began with a kings breakfast including his favorites; waffle, sausage and eggs. I made him a crown decorated with things that are Owen; movies, friends, Wii, reading, music, and other funny things.
Onto the party, where Luke saw fit to throw a fit over not receiving one of these when he wanted it. He either sat and stared at them, went to the far corner of the pool and watched others having fun or went to the car. Hindsight we probably should have just given him one, especially since his sister sneaked one.
Mr. birthday boy being his social self. This party included thirty of his friends and their siblings at our neighborhood pool. Much fun was had and it is such an easy party to throw too, kids just love it!
Still pining away for the cupcake.
If you look closely you'll see that she is looking out of the corner of her eye to see if she is going to be caught.
Being super sad.
Birthday cupcakes!

What to wish for. . .
Kids letting go of their balloons with all their birthday wishes on them.
It was a great party.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Eight years ago.

I looked like this. I know what you are thinking. That is an incredibly attractive woman. Who is just tiny.
This was our first family photo. Owen was eight hours old. My biggest worry was that he was going to be ugly.
Thank goodness I didn't have to have that trial.
Here we are on his first birthday. I'm eating his cake because he didn't want anything to do with it.
A couple of years later and still happy, sweet boy.
Who, as it turned out is so amazing.
You can always always count on Owen to have a smile on his face and cheerful attitude in his heart. He loves to have fun and be helpful. He is such a force for happiness and it just feels good to be around him. He has suffered trials; but continues on as if the sun was always shining on his back.
I couldn't be prouder of any son. He makes us proud with all he is and does. We love you son. More than you know but no less than you deserve.

Typical Sunday evening photos.

Here are some photos of a Sunday evening a few weeks ago. It's about 7pm and I've kicked all the kids outside due to noise ordinance violations.
This tether ball is big round these parts. It used to be attached behind Luke's scooter so he could, "feel like he is being chased by bad guys."
No evening is complete without a few injuries.
And posing.

Deep thoughts from Owen. We thought it would fun to record ten minutes of their play just so later we could see them running around having fun.
My view, ignore the white legs. There now tan, except for me feet which are still white (courtesy of hours spent playing my beloved tennis).
This is Rubby calling for Luke to come inside for bedtime. It's her interpretation of cupping her mouth to call someone.

It will probably make you uncomfortable how attractive we are.

Especially Lily. And yes this is a perfect depiction of her (she even looks WILD in still form). We are going to see our family in a month for my baby brother (Justin David) wedding. So family. Prepare yourselves now for the hurricane of attractiveness that you are about to be thrust into. might also be a good idea to prepare yourselves for the impending tornado of activity. Get prepared and get yourselves some motion sickness pills, then I won't have to say I told you so.

Hum. Not so bad. Hum.

Meet Luke. The worlds pickiest eater unless it is; chocolate, pizza, ice cream, chips, candy, cookies, brownies. You get the picture.
Favorite pastimes include; chasing sister around.
Climbing trees and funny one liners. Including this one a few weeks ago at the dinner table. Upon trying a new bizarre dish (spaghetti) he commented, "Hum. Not so bad. Hum."
Dressing himself for church, awesomely.
Crying about random, minute injuries.
Loving this cat entirely too much.

She is still being evil

Or as a lovely unnamed friend of mine calls her, "The Tasmanian devil on meth."
One with an absolutely amazing sense of proportion, style and the ability to take calculated fashion risks.
And yes; her princess crown is on backwards. She wouldn't want it to interfere with her constant havoc wreaking that she so thoroughly enjoys.