Sunday, December 30, 2007

Adventures in the greatest city, NYC...not

Why do people think that NYC is the greatest city on earth. It's stinky, people are rude, there are a zillion people there, I feel like I need to be dipped in Purell just from standing on a sidewalk, did I mention that people are rude? On another subject, a picture is truly worth a thousand words...

We are totally better than those Rocketts

Owie and Luke danced on that piano at FAO Schwartz

This is his tough guy pose.

Josh, (my little bro) and Owen sledding down Jason's (my older bro) front lawn.

Where's Waldo?

What I won't do for a photo. My greatest concern is for my shoes.

Favorite present that Santa brought Owen...the Chewbacca backpack.

Favorite activity... time together around the table, awweee.

Favorite photo... Lily's smile caught on film.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Some of my "finds"

I thought I'd post some pics of my trash to treasure finds. Below are a couple of em.

I got this round side table off craigslist for thirty bucks! I refinished it and there ya go. You can't see it really well but it has great turned legs that are really pretty.

This is an antique that I got at a yard sale in the uber rich neighborhood next to mine. She was moving and wanted all new furniture at her new house so, everything goes! It was a hay day! I got it for seventy-five and didn't do a thing to it.

This was bought in Canton which Texans will recognize as the worlds biggest flea market. I got it for sixty bucks and had it re-upholstered (this is it's third fabric...I have a hard time with fabric choices sometimes:)). The drive home was pretty uncomfortable too. Two hours of this jammed into my Pilot, poor Owen was literally underneath it...what a sport. The table next to it is from a clearance center for fifteen bucks!!

This room was done totally cheap. I got the furniture from an unfinished furniture company and stained/painted it myself. The upholstered trunk is from an antique mall and was only fifteen bucks and it only cost me another thirty to have it re-upholstered! You can't see it from this angle but on the other wall are some cubbies that look just like the one's from Potterybarn.

The chair is from Crate and Barrel but I got it at a yard sale had it re-upholstered and viola. The side table is from a clearance center and was a steal at $40 bucks!

This is one of my garage sale finds, it was ten bucks and I painted it then antiqued it and put on some new knobs. Now it's my sofa table.

What would Freud say?

So, last night I had a dream. It was semi-disturbing. I dreamt that I lost all three of my children ipod. And when I was telling police about my missing children I was equally concerned about my missing ipod. Am I a bad mother? Or do I just really like to rock out?