Thursday, July 29, 2010

Works on dragons too.

(Owen and Luke about five years ago)

As my two loyal followers probably have noticed, I've been enjoying the summer and not blogging. But a conversation from dinner left me running to the computer so as not to ever ever forget. We were eating exotic foods such as cucumbers, sauteed chicken and pulled pork. Luke was struggling. He was down and out. How could he ever manage to finish when it was such an insurmountable task. Stuff that makes Fear Factor food challenges look like child's play.

Owen was using his best motivational speeches. Truly great stuff. Such as. . .

"Luke, you know in your life you are going to go through some difficult times. And when you're in those times there is no escaping it. You have to deal with it. There is no other alternative. What you have to do is, face your fear head on. You can't do it in tiny bites, it's worse that way. The best thing to do is stick the whole cucumber slice in your mouth and chew and chew until you can't feel it anymore."

Then he gave a demonstration. Those were his words completely. Words that apply to horrific cucumber slices or fighting mortal enemy's. A very powerful evening experience, something I will have to keep in mind at my tennis match in twenty minutes.